Thursday, 6 July 2017

Have You Practiced Your Mindfulness Today?

Mindfulness is a buzz word that has captured the attention of people in the west. While the practice has been around for millennia in the east, an increasing interest in spirituality and meditation has brought mindfulness to the forefront for many seeking a more fulfilling life. Be aware that mindfulness is not a religion; it’s simply a way to view the world that ultimately creates a more calming, peaceful inner being.

The difference between mindfulness and meditation

Meditation is known to relieve stress and even increase longevity when practiced on a regular basis. It promotes good physical and mental health and can be accomplished via a number of ways and for varying lengths of time.

Mindfulness carries with it many of the same benefits; however, the main goal of mindfulness is to be aware of how you feel and your surroundings at every moment. It promotes living in the present and not worrying about the future or stressing about the past. It’s about gratitude and being thankful for every moment presented to you.

How mindfulness helps seniors

As people get closer to the end of life, it’s natural for them to worry and stress about chronic ailments and what might happen in the future and when. Mindfulness is particularly rewarding for seniors because it’s about living “in the now.”
  • Through connectedness with the environment, mindfulness can decrease loneliness. Isolation and loneliness are two important, debilitating issues for seniors. By practicing mindfulness, seniors feel a connection with their environment and others, and report decreased feelings of isolation.
  • Increased longevity. Studies have proven that those who participate in mindfulness and meditation often experienced improved longevity. This may be due to enhanced mental attitude and/or a decrease in cellular aging.
  • Seniors communities often teach mindfulness. More and more, senior communities are aiming to increase their senior clients’ quality of life, helping them to stay more mentally and physically active. Mindfulness and other related techniques are now often taught at senior facilities, giving seniors easier access to this way of life more so than ever before in history.
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